Low Carbon Built Environment

Solcer House

Over the past 30 years the Welsh School of Architecture (WSA) at Cardiff University have been undertaking research and consultancy projects to accelerate a ‘Low Carbon Built Environment (LCBE)’ – to reduce carbon emissions associated with the built environment.

Work has involved all sectors of the built environment, from component to building to region whilst considering all stages of the built environment process, from planning through design and construction, operation to demolition.

The performance of buildings have been modelled using a range of modelling techniques and where modifications to the existing built environment have taken place monitoring has produced results on actual performance.

Recent research has involved the combination of renewable energy supply, energy storage and reduced demand through design.

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The LCBE work that has been undertaken at the WSA has involved collaboration with many stakeholders including industrial and commercial sector, Government including national and local, academia and the general public.

Demonstrating that the systems based approach can reduce energy use in typical housing will enable Government to modify Regulations controlling building standards.

Large scale housing providers can also use evidence from the project to support the concept to implement a combination of low carbon technologies to reduce energy use and improve the quality of life of householders.

The projects undertaken at the WSA aim to provide evidence that it is possible to combine market available technologies to minimise the amount of energy used in affordable and replicable buildings that are comfortable and practical to live and work in.